From our Deli

100% Pork Sausages in four different styles:

  • Nürnberger, the traditional German recipe with a hint of Marjoram and Lemon
  • Heidelberger with a hint of garlic
  • Thüringer with a mild taste of caraway
  • Italian sausages with fennel

Bavarian Weisswurst is made from pork and veal and contains lemon and parsley. They can be simmered in water or fried. The perfect match for Weisswurst is sweet mustard and a pretzel.
Frankfurter, also known as Wiener.
Kransky contain pork, beef and cheese.
Krakauer with garlic and caraway.
Debrecziner for those who love it a bit spicy.
Fleischwurst and Bockwurst can both be heated or eaten cold.
Several styles of lyoner: plain, with red and green capsicum or Baerlauch (wild garlic).
Fleischkäse in several varieties such as plain, onion, pepper and pizza.
Veal Liver Pate and ‘Hausmacher’ Pate
Brawn (Sülze)
Different Salami such as German Salami, Veal Salami, Italian and French Salami
Beersticks in different varieties
Bacon (Speck)
Black Forest Ham
Royal Ham
Smoked Beef